An in-depth profile of the King of Sweden! Also includes the most beautiful members of the royal family in the world!

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Scandinavia has long been known for its many beautiful women, so much so that it has been called “the land of beautiful women. Here we introduce the Swedish Royal Family, the symbol of such a Scandinavian country.

The Swedish royal family is also well known for their beautiful formal wear that is unveiled at the Nobel Prize ceremony every year.

The Swedish royal family, with its Scandinavian good looks and celebrities with unique backgrounds, is now the center of attention around the world!

Please read on to learn about the profiles of the King of Sweden, who is adored by his people, and the members of the royal family, who are rumored to be the most beautiful in the world.

An in-depth profile of the King of Sweden!

The present King of Sweden, Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus (Carl XVI Gustaf ), was born on April 30, 1946. His father was Gustaf Adolf, a direct descendant of the Swedish royal family, and his mother was Queen Sybilla, who had her origins in the old German royal family.

At the time of Carl XVI Gustav’s birth, the throne was under his great-grandfather, Gustav V.

Since the Swedish throne has been passed down through direct male lineage from generation to generation, the order of succession would have been great-grandfather, then grandfather, father, and so on to him.

His father, Gustav Adolf, died prematurely in an accident, and he became second in line to the throne at the age of just one. His grandfather, Gustav VI Adolf, was eventually crowned king, but the next king, Carl XVI Gustav, was only four years old at the time.

He later ascended to the throne in 1973 upon the death of former King Gustav VI Adolf. Since then, the throne has long watched over the people.

Carl XVI Gustav as an individual is a smart gentleman.

His slender style, described as “sexy” in the popular press when he was young, is still going strong as he ages. He has a son, Prince Carl Philip, and two daughters, Victoria and Madeleine, by his wife, Princess Sylvia, whom he married after a great love affair.

He has an active side with a love of sports and cars, and he also has a surprising background, having been educated in the Swedish Air Force after high school. He is also a well-known presenter at Nobel Prize cerem onies.

History of the Swedish Royal Family

The Kingdom of Sweden has a long history dating back to BC.

From the time of the Vikings in ancient times, through the medieval and early modern periods to the present day, the monarchy has been handed down with changing forms.

We will pick two periods from its grand history and explain them.

The Old King Jungling Family

The first Swedish royal family is said to have been the Jungring family.

It is believed that the Jungling family were lords ruling over Sweden and Norway. However, we do not know for sure.

In those days, when media did not exist as we know it today, the only sources of history were sagas (legends) passed down orally by court historians and bards.

Naturally, exaggerations and fabrications have been repeated, and as a result, the data on the early royal families have already merged with the mythical world, as is the case in our country.

For example, according to legend, the first generation of the Jungling family was Frey, the Norse god of fertility. It is believed that the Jungling family name was derived from Frey’s alias Jungvi.

Modern sensibilities can be frustrated by the so-called “false history” that has become legendary and so-called “false by all accounts”. Certainly such a view of history is not accurate, but it certainly stirs our romanticism.

The Swedish people still hold this legendary royal family very dear in modern times.

Kalmar League

As time went on, in the late Middle Ages, scholarship, including historiography, flourished, and historical accounts finally moved beyond the realm of legend. Royal histories, too, began to be recorded systematically rather than orally.

In addition, relations with neighboring countries become more complex.

Sweden is located almost at the northern tip of Europe. It is not geographically or politically in the center of Europe like, for example, Italy or France.

However, this was why a union with other countries was essential. The small northern countries had to join forces with their neighbors such as Norway and Denmark to compete with the continental countries.

Under these circumstances, in 1397, the Danish-led military alliance of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Kalmar Union, came into effect.

The alliance was unfair in that the other two countries were effectively dominated by the powerful nation of Denmark.

The Kalmar League is a very important event in the history of the royal family. This is because with the Danish rule, the royal family lost the right to determine its own king.

During this period, political marriages and changes of thrones due to pressure from above often took place. A succession of marriages to foreign royalty forced the royal family to integrate politically and culturally with other countries.

Eventually, Sweden withdrew from the Kalmar Union and went on the path of independence, which it continues to do today.

The Royal Swedish Family Tree

As mentioned above, the Swedish monarchy has a very long history. During that time, the royal family has been replaced many times due to wars and succession breakdowns. Let us briefly review its history.

The early monarchy, as one might associate with the Vikings, was a simple one established by force of arms. The aforementioned Jungling family, the first dynasty, controlled a situation in which small tribes were divided, so to speak, similar to the Warring States period in Japan.

Thereafter, the country was ruled by the Munso,Stenkil, and other local Swedish families.

As time went on, complicated political relations began with neighboring Denmark and the German-speaking countries across the sea. From this point on, political marriages with other countries and transfers of crowns due to abdication took place, and the family tree became more and more complicated.

During the aforementioned period of Danish rule by the Kalmar League, Danish and German lineages were intertwined among the members of the Swedish royal family.

Eventually, however, Gustav Eriksson Vasa (Gustav I ) shook off Danish rule and took the throne, beginning the Vasa dynasty. Kings who came from the Vasa family include the great king Gustav Adolf II and his daughter Christina.

In the 19th century, the kingdom passed to the Bernadotte family, which has French roots and continues to this day.

The complexity of these bloodlines is also the complexity of the culture.

Europe, where many countries border each other, has long been a place of political marriages. As a result, royal families (mostly women) from various neighboring countries appear in the royal family tree of every country.

Political marriages were also frequent in Sweden, and women who married into Swedish families brought their native culture, including fashion and food culture, along with their political agendas.

In an age without the Internet, there are not many opportunities to experience cultures from foreign countries. The culture brought by princesses from other countries would have been very popular at court.

It is said that such crossover has created the traditional Scandinavian culture of today.

Meet the most beautiful members of the Swedish royal family in the world!

After pondering the far-reaching history of the Swedish royal family, let us turn our attention to the Swedish royal family of today.

The current king is the aforementioned Carl XVI Gustaf. He has one son and two daughters, plus a generation of grandchildren who are loved by the people as royal children.

Here are some of the people from that too-beautiful family who have attracted the hearts of the public.

Queen Sylvia

A modern-day Cinderella. Such a cliché fits the current king’s partner, Queen Sylvia.

She is from a civilian background and has German citizenship, which was an enemy of Germany during World War II, and she was greatly resented by the people at the time. However, since their marriage in 1976, she has continued to support the King, and the people of the country now deeply admire the couple for their amicable relationship.

The beauty of this ordinary woman, so much so that she was even bewitched by the king, has not diminished even now that she has reached the age of what is commonly referred to as senior citizens.

She is said to be a favorite of the Swedish royal family, and many people look forward to seeing her in her splendid dress at the Nobel Prize award ceremony, an annual event of the Swedish royal family.

Crown Prince Victoria

The eldest daughter born to Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Sylvia was Crown Princess Victoria.

Crown Princess Victoria is a very charming woman with a clear face and a smile just like her mother.

When she married her partner, His Royal Highness Daniel, she was opposed by her father, the king, because of the difference in their status, but she still remained in love and finally made it to the goal. She is loved by the public as a woman who is not only beautiful but also has a strong core.

Crown Prince Victoria is currently the top heir to the throne through the eldest child system of inheritance. The eldest child inherits the throne regardless of gender.

If she continues on the throne, the Swedish royal family is expected to have its fourth queen in its history.

Queen Sophia

Princess Sophiais the partner of Prince Carl Philip, the eldest son of the current king.

The couple, famous as Europe’s most beautiful royal couple, met on a trip and fell in love with each other at first sight.

Princess Sophia is a former model of civilian origin, and as such, her beauty is second to none. Her glamorous dress has attracted attention from both domestic and international media.

Princess Esther

On February 23, 2012, an adorable baby girl was born to Crown Prince Victoria and her husband, His Royal Highness Prince Daniel. She is Princess Esther.

With her glossy blonde hair down, she is a true idol of the people. She is a natural queen who attracts the eyes of the Swedish people with her lovely smile, much like her mother and grandmother, Queen Sylvia.

In fact, Princess Esther is the eldest child and has already been chosen to succeed her mother, Crown Princess Victoria, as queen. This means that Sweden will have two successive generations of queens, and expectations are now high for the birth of a queen state.

Princess Leonaire.

With her softly tinted blond hair and fair skin, she looks like something out of a picture book. Princess Leonère, who looks as if she has stepped out of a picture book, attracts attention at home and abroad with her loveliness.

Her mother is Princess Madeleine, the second daughter of the current King. Princess Madeleine came to the United States, where she married and gave birth to her husband, Christopher O’Neill, and Princess Leonelle was born in New York City.

The family then moved to Florida and eventually returned to Stockholm. Needless to say, the public gave a great welcome to Princess Madeleine, who returned with her husband, a son, and two daughters.

Princess Leonelle was born in 2014. Although she is a pretty girl, her mother’s beauty is not hidden and she is already the target of rumors that she will become a beautiful woman in the future.

Meet the successive kings of Sweden!

Scandinavia is the land of “sagas”. There has long been a time when heroes fought battles and bards sang songs of their exploits. The early Swedish kings are shrouded in a veil of legend.

In older times, there were many legendary kings whose existence was even doubted. The kings of this period can be identified in the long epic poem “The Saga of the Jungling Family,” but it is only a legend and lacks credibility.

Eventually, the era moved through the Middle Ages and into the Age of Discovery. Merchant ships came and went on the North Sea, and small nations around the North Sea often clashed over the profits.

The most prominent Swedish king of that era was, by far, Gustaf Adolf II.

He was a brave and daring king of Sweden who spent most of his life in battle and was nicknamed ” The Lion of the North. He led a mercenary army to expand his territory, and he is still remembered in history as a great general.

During his and his daughter Kristina’s reign, Sweden established a great power known as the Swedish Empire (Baltic Empire).

Christina, Queen of Sweden, daughter of Gustaf Adolf II, was also an outstanding monarch.

Kristina is known for her interaction with many intellectuals, including the philosopher Descartes. She seems to be the original Scandinavian woman who shines from within with the light of her intellect.

Swedish kings since the modern era have worked to ensure that Sweden successfully blended in with its surroundings and gained a unique position in the complex politics of Europe.

This has resulted in the harmonious state represented by the Nobel Peace Prize.

Many people think of Scandinavia as a “welfare state. Sweden’s emphasis on spiritual wealth and comfort rather than material goods is the result of this history. And even today, that lineage continues.

Modern kings are famous for their remarkable longevity rather than their accomplishments. The last king, Gustav VI Adolf, was 90 years old, and the king before him, Gustav V, remained king until his death at the age of 92.

Although His Majesty the current King is also old, he shows no signs of decline and is expected to live as long as his predecessors.

The biographies of the members of the Swedish royal family are amazing!

The members of the Swedish royal family are all unique individuals. Among them, we focus here on the rich talents of Prince Carl Philip.

Also featured is the story of two royal families who overcame their mistaken identities to be united in love.

Marriage to a member of the royal family is known to the public as a “golden opportunity,” but there is more to it than just a simple Cinderella story. There is also a story of untold hard work.

Discover the unique backgrounds of these members of the royal family.

Prince Carl Philip

Prince Carl Philippe, known as the “handsome prince” of the European royal family, is a man of many talents. He is a multi-talented man who excels in all sports and is also artistically inclined.

Among his many hobbies, he is particularly good at skiing and has competed in national competitions. He is also a top-notch motor sportsman, having inherited his father’s skill, and has participated in competitions.

He has also studied graphic design and designed the engagement ring he gave to Princess Sophia.

Prince Daniel

The hardships of entering another family through marriage are not necessarily exclusive to women.

Crown Prince Victoria’s partner, His Royal Highness Daniel, is a man of civilian origin. He was the manager of a sports facility and met Crown Princess Victoria at the gym.

At the time, she was anorexic due to the pressure of her responsibilities as the crown prince, and she had been going to the gym to improve her fitness after her treatment. The two fell in love and promised to marry each other, transcending the differences in their positions as a trainer and the crown prince.

However, both the king and the people were very much against this marriage. It was considered inappropriate for a man with an ordinary education and a common job to marry a woman who would eventually become queen.

His Royal Highness Daniel studied hard to become a man of culture and manners befitting a royal family. He studied history, languages, and official duties as a member of the royal family with a teacher recommended by the royal family, and eight years later, they were finally married.

This episode shows the sincerity of Prince Daniel’s character, who trained for seven years for the sake of the woman he loved.

Queen Sophia

Princess Sophia has an unusual past, coming from the private sector and being a gravure idol. She has also appeared on a TV reality show, where she has spoken about her views on love without hiding them, and both the royal family and the public were at first antagonistic toward her.

However, the two were undeterred in their love, and after four years of dating, they were united in their love.

During her engagement to the prince, Princess Sophia actively set an example for the public by engaging in social activities. She became a woman worthy of the royal family by improving not only her beauty but also her inner life.

Her hard work has won the hearts of the public, and she and her partner, Prince Carl Philippe, are now adored as “the royal couple too beautiful to be true.

What is the relationship between the Swedish Royal Family and the Japanese Imperial Family?

The Swedish Royal Family and the Japanese Imperial Family have a close relationship through numerous events.

Since the current King has been on the throne for a long period of time, he has made many official visits to foreign countries, and has visited Japan 16 times.

Beginning with his participation in the 1970 Osaka World Expo in his capacity as then Crown Prince, he has attended events such as theTsukuba Science and Technology Expo in 1985 and the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998. He has also frequently attended campaigns to introduce Swedish culture as a guest of honor.

When the Showa Emperor passed away in 1989, he was accompanied by his wife Sylvia at the mourning ceremony. The following year, in 1990, when His Majesty the Emperor became the current Emperor, he also attended the accession ceremony, deepening his relationship with the Imperial Family.

In October 2019, he will attend the coronation of the current Emperor of Japan.

On this occasion, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Victoria also participated with her father. It is hoped that the exchange between the two countries will continue into the next generation.

To learn more about royal families around the world

We introduced the history and present of the too beautiful royal family, the Swedish royal family.

Behind the glamorous dresses they wear to Nobel Prize ceremonies, Swedish royal princesses have been making hidden efforts. Their beauty may be the result of the strong and proud spirit of Scandinavian women.

Beautiful inside and out, they will continue to fascinate us.

This website provides detailed information about the royal families of Sweden, Europe and the world.

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