Does the British Royal Family Love Dogs? A closer look at the current state of Queen Elizabeth’s beloved corgis, the pets of the Royal Family.

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Many people may have the image that “the British Royal Family is associated with corgis.

Perhaps because of this, the Corgi became a popular royal dog breed, and it continues to be popular today.

Queen Elizabeth once said,A corgi is family,” and she has shared her time with more than 30 corgis during her reign.

In this issue, we focus on the dogs adored by the British royal family.

Does the British Royal Family like dogs?

2 dogs, corgi

The British royal family is famous for its love of dogs. Each of them has a pet dog, and the way they all love their dogs often attracts a lot of attention.

Dogs have long been bred as pets for the British royal family.

Among them, corgis became especially beloved because of Queen Elizabeth.

It all started with a visit to the estate of an English nobleman named Thomas Henry Singh, later the 5th Marquess of Bath.

Queen Elizabeth was fascinated by and fell in love with the two corgis kept there.

Soon after, Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, gave her a corgi dog, Dookie, from Rosabelle Kennels in Surrey.

Later, another female corgi, “Jane,” was also adopted, and corgis have been loved by the British royal family ever since.

What about Queen Elizabeth’s dog?

Corgi, up

Queen Elizabeth’s dog is a corgi, as you all know.

The fact is very well known in the United Kingdom, where they are popularly known as Royal Dogs. Souvenirs related to the British royal family even feature products in the shape of corgis.

Here we look back at the history of Queen Elizabeth with her beloved dogs, which she has adored throughout her life.

Growing up surrounded by dogs from an early age

Queen Elizabeth has been surrounded by dogs since she was a child.

It all started when Queen Elizabeth’s parents saw her visit the home of an English nobleman and were so taken by the corgi he kept there that they prepared two corgis for her.

She and her sister, Princess Margaret, took direct care of him and loved him very much.

Other dogs at the time included several Golden Labradors and Golden Retrievers, a Tibetan Mastiff, and a Cocker Spaniel.

It shows a glimpse of what it was like to grow up surrounded by many dogs.

Loved the corgi when it was given to me for my birthday.

Corgi, present

On her 18th birthday, her father, King George VI, presented her with a corgi. It was the first corgi Queen Elizabeth had ever truly owned.

The corgi was named “Susan” and was much loved.

Susan was the dog that Queen Elizabeth shared time with when she acceded to the throne and when she married her husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip.

He must have felt very special as a family member with whom he spent a milestone in his life. 15 years was a long time for a dog, and his lineage was passed down for many years to come.

It is said that he had more than 30 dogs during his reign.

Queen Elizabeth had more than 30 pet dogs during her 70-year reign.

Susan’s blood corgi passed away in 2018, but she says that not a single moment went by without her dog.

The life span of a dog is about 15 to 20 years at most. They were repeatedly replaced, but they continued to breed to keep the bloodline alive.

Live surrounded by dogs until the end.

Dogs, several

The dog remained by Queen Elizabeth’s side until the last moments of her life.

Princess Diana once called it a ” moving carpet” because of the way the corgi is always at the queen’s feet.

Even though Susan’s blood corgi was no longer with her, Queen Elizabeth had several dachshund/corgi mixes by her side.

There was never a moment when his dog was not there, and he was always Queen Elizabeth’s companion and healer.

In 2021, another two corgis were presented by Prince Andreu. They were vivacious dogs and were often seen walking in Home Park.

Pets of the Royal Family

Children, Dogs

Queen Elizabeth is not the only member of the British royal family to have a variety of pets that have become beloved members of the family. Here we introduce some of the pets loved by the royal family.

King Charles is a Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell terrier

King Charles has two Jack Russell Terriers.

Despite its small size, the Jack Russell Terrier is a powerful dog with a lot of exercise and a competitive nature.

The two Jack Russell Terriers, named “Beth” and “Bluebell,” often make headlines as they perform official duties together.

He is also responsible for unveiling the nameplate for the animal shelter in 2020, and is also known for his cleverness.

Prince William is an English Cocker Spaniel.

English Cocker Spaniel

Prince William had one English Cocker Spaniel in 2011.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a curious and active breed. They are very loyal and extremely obedient to their owners, making them popular pets.

Prince William’s English Cocker Spaniel was named Lupo. Unfortunately, it is known that he died in 2020.

However, it was revealed that Lupo had a new puppy in the family before he passed away. He is a black English Cocker Spaniel, just like Lupo.

Princess Anne is an English Bull Terrier.

English bull terrier

Princess Anne, the eldest daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, has an English Bull Terrier.

The English Bull Terrier is famous for its unique face and its ferocious side, as it was originally a fighting dog.

In fact, Princess Anne’s English Bull Terrier also attacked Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi, severely injuring it and forcing her to choose euthanasia.

Several other times he has attacked other dogs and people, and we are now taking steps to counteract this by having him undergo canine psychiatric treatment.

Prince Henry and Meghan are beagles.


Prince Henry and Princess Meghan have welcomed a beagle dog into their family.

One of the dogs originally owned by Princess Meghan was brought along when she came to London from the U.S. for her wedding.

In 2022, a new 7-year-old beagle dog was taken in from an animal shelter, and he lives with three other dogs, including a black Labrador.

He spends his daily life cheerfully chasing squirrels around.

How are Queen Elizabeth’s corgis doing now?

Corgi lying down

Now that Princess Elizabeth has passed away, we are wondering about the current status of the remaining cor gis. What has happened to the beloved corgis so far?

What happens to the corgis has become a matter of public concern.

Queen Elizabeth is said to have collapsed, leaving behind two corgis, a mixed breed dog, and a cocker spaniel.

He stayed with his dogs until the end of his life, and they were the last to see him off at his state funeral.

The public is concerned about where Queen Elizabeth will take her beloved dogs, for whom she has shown exceptional love and affection.

His second son, Prince Andreu, is believed to have taken him in.

Mick, a corgi, was a gift from Prince Andreou, and Sandy was a gift from two of Prince Andreou’s daughters.

These two animals were given to Queen Elizabeth’s husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, to cheer him up while he was in the hospital.

It is now known that Queen Elizabeth’s dogs will be taken in by her second son, Prince Andrew.

It turns out that Prince Andreou’s ex-wife, Sarah, is also involved in this case, and Queen Elizabeth’s dogs will continue to be adored.

Buckingham Palace has a room just for corgis!

Buckingham Palace

The number of dogs Princess Elizabeth kept at any one time varied, but at one time there were nearly 13 dogs in her household at most.

Princess Elizabeth, who had a special affection for corgis, had a room dedicated to them in Buckingham Palace so that they could spend their time comfortably.

According to a royal journalist, each dog had its own bed, and Princess Elizabeth herself changed the sheets every day.

Fresh ingredients were used for the meals, and the chefs prepared chicken and steaks.

Sometimes Queen Elizabeth herself fed them, showing the depth of her affection for them.

He also accompanied the dog on his honeymoon with His Royal Highness Prince Philip.


Queen Elizabeth’s love for her dogs is unfathomable, and in fact, she even took her dog along on her honeymoon with Her Royal Highness Prince Philip.

This action attracted so much attention that several media outlets picked up on it, saying, “They got on the train before the newlyweds,” and “The corgi is working with the newlyweds who are getting along well.

In fact, the corgi accompanying her at this time was ” Susan, ” a gift from her father, King George VI.

Susan was also with Queen Elizabeth when she ascended to the throne, so she is a Corgi with a deep emotional attachment.

Why Queen Elizabeth stopped breeding in her later years.

Do-up, Corgi

Queen Elizabeth took great care of “Susan,” the first corgi she ever owned, which was a gift from her father.

Even after Susan’s death, he was known to actively breed repeatedly to keep Susan’s bloodline alive.

Therefore, most corgis and mixes bred by Queen Elizabeth are of Susan’s bloodline.

However, when Queen Elizabeth turned 90, she decided to stop breeding corgis.

This is because it would be sad to leave behind a young corgi when she herself passes away. It was a consideration that was typical of Queen Elizabeth, who repeatedly referred to her beloved corgi as her family.

As Queen Elizabeth’s sidekick, the corgi must have been at times a comfort and a source of emotional support for her.

If you want to know more about the British Royal Family

United Kingdom

Many dogs have long been welcomed and loved as family members by the British royal family.

The appeal of the royal dog is now so widely known that it has become a standard item in souvenirs related to the British royal family.

In particular, Queen Elizabeth’s love of corgis has often been talked about, and now that she has passed away, many people have been worried about what will happen to her afterwards.

However, he has now been taken in by Prince Andreou and is probably living happily ever after.

This website provides you with a variety of information related to the British Royal Family. We have also compiled many other articles on the royal and imperial families of various countries, so please take a look at our other articles as well.

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