Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Day of State Funeral [6/7]With her dog, with her horse

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Queen Elizabeth’s beloved dogs, Mick and Sandy, looked sad and lonely, and it was reported that Queen Elizabeth always invited her dogs to her funeral before her death. It was decided before her death that her dog would be cared for by the brother of the dog’s giver. I was impressed by how kind and thoughtful he was, and I know how much he cared for his dog.

 In this photo, Queen Elizabeth’s beloved horse, Emma, stands alone in the field where they used to run together, looking sadly at her husband’s coffin, leaning her head back, as if to convey with her whole body her gratitude and sadness at the parting, not moving an inch.

 It was a heartwarming and tenderly sad scene, as if we were witnessing the silent bond of farewell between Queen Elizabeth and her beloved horse.

 Queen Elizabeth. I asked her to also send off her beloved horse, Emma, at my funeral, her kindness is sad. In the saddle is the Queen’s favorite scarf, which touches the Queen’s tenderness and brings tears to my eyes.

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