Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, State Funeral Day [5/7]black formal wear

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral was attended by many of the world’s royal dignitaries. Since it was a state funeral, everyone was dressed in black formal attire, but among the attendees, those who were the talk of the town and attracted the most attention were especially impressive in their mourning attire.

 After all, the first to attract attention had to be Princess Catherine of Wales. Her wide-brimmed hat blended well with the gracefulness of her modest veil, enhancing the graceful beauty of Princess Catherine. In the midst of her grief, the resolute presence of Crown Princess Catherine showed her determination to support King Charles III after the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth III and to look ahead to the future of her husband Prince William and the British Royal Family.

 Next in the spotlight was Queen Camilla, the wife of Charles III, who is rarely talked about. On the day of the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s succession to the throne, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth suddenly told her that if Charles were to succeed to the throne, she should by all means make Lady Camilla the queen, not the royal consort. Perhaps because of this background, Queen Camilla’s mourning attire is outstandingly brilliant, and her atmosphere of presence, even a kind of dignity, has become a topic of conversation. In contrast, Prince Henry’s wife Meghan, who was adored and complained about, Meghan’s dressing style was nothing to talk about, and Mrs. Meghan is already not a member of the British royal family and is not interested at all.

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