Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, State Funeral Day [7/7]after her demise

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 The sudden news of Harry and Meghan’s departure from the British royal family in March 2020 was a bit of a surprise to Buckingham, who has always responded calmly and without panic, and the media coverage was initially confused.

The announcement of the departure from the royal family was made directly by the mass media without consulting anyone in the royal family, not even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who is the most important member of the royal family, and this method was widely criticized. Her grandson, Prince Harry, whom she had cherished very much, announced his withdrawal from the royal family without consulting Her Majesty the Queen at all! Everyone thought it was insane and asked, “Harry, what’s wrong with you? This is an unusual situation that has many citizens worried with a straight face.

The reason for this, as was later revealed, was that the series of projects were part of a staged effect of a 16.6 billion yen confession book publishing deal with a major media outlet. They are said to have been taken aback by their bad manners. Even in Japan, there is a proverb that says, “Samurai do not eat, but they are noble. In any case, Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, were criticized for not informing anyone of the surprise.

Even if this is the result of their emotional conflicts, various worries and hardships before the announcement, Meghan, Duke of Sussex, has caused much worry to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and needless to say, she knows best how much help and cooperation she has received in order to get married. But she has been inducted into the royal family of Gillis, the most traditional and prestigious royal family in the world. How can she be dissatisfied with the tradition and prestige of the Gilis royal family after all these years? The real reason for the breakup of the royal family was an uncontrollable outburst of dissatisfaction within the royal family, which is common to all royal families. The main reason was jealousy and envy between the brothers, especially toward the eldest son, the second in line to the throne. The brothers were born just a few years later and were treated equally in their childhood, but around the age of 18, unbeknownst to them, the treatment and treatment within the royal family suddenly became drastically different for the eldest son, the second in line to the throne, and even the language used toward his older brother had to be changed, including the use of honorifics. In the end, they were not even free to see each other as before, and the distance between them became extremely great. After the death of their late mother, Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry try to live by their mother’s words that they should get along with each other at any time, but after their brother, Prince William, gets married, starts a family, and has a child, their relationship becomes more estranged than ever. The difference in the way they were treated in the royal family, both financially and socially, created a huge and visible gap between them.

The difference in status between the two of you in the British royal family inevitably becomes exasperating and difficult for Prince Harry to understand. Especially after he and Meghan got together, he overreacted with frustration to the discrimination between his brother’s family and their own. It could be called the dark cloud of the British royal family that comes after the fall of Queen Elizabeth.

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