Platinum wedding for 70th wedding anniversary

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At 92 years of age, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th platinum wedding anniversary in 2017. She is the mother of three sons and a daughter, and is a true superwoman, breaking the record for the longest reign and longest life span of any monarch.

Among the world’s royalty and aristocracy, Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch, has attracted the most attention. The Queen’s appearance always leaves people in a state of wonder and respect.

After the death of her father, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne in 1952. Since then, the two of them have been with the British people for many years.

Although the royal family is looked upon with admiration by the world, and the recent news continues to be joyful, there have been some very tragic things in the past, and it is hard to say that their lives together have always been full of joy. Prince Charles, the eldest son, divorced Princess Diana. Princess Diana tragically met her end in a car accident in 1997. Coincidentally, it was the year of the 50th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and her husband. At the time, criticism of the royal family grew in response to Queen Elizabeth’s handling of the situation, and it was even said that Princess Diana’s death was weakening the monarchy.

However, Queen Elizabeth’s stance of political neutrality has a dignified appearance as a monarch, and she continues to be popular and respected by the public.

It is reported that Queen Elizabeth has been feeling very lonely recently after the death of her husband, Prince Philip, who was so close to her that he called her “Lilibet” after her husband, who passed away last year.

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