The most beautiful Queen of Monaco, Grace Kelly, former Duchess of Monaco

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Many of you know that the Hermès Kelly bag came from the favorite bag of former Princess Grace Kelly.

In 1957, she hid her belly in a Hermès “Sac-à-Croix” bag when the camera was pointed at her so that the press would not know that she was pregnant with her first daughter. This made the bag famous and the product was renamed the “Kelly Bag. The former princess used the bag to create her own appearance.

One of the most beautiful queens of Monaco that comes to mind is the former Princess Grace Kelly, who was described as a “cool beauty” with a graceful appearance.

You may have seen her beautiful appearance as an actress in many movies. Her beauty remained eternal even after her marriage to the Grand Duke of Monaco, Rainier III (reigned 1949-2005).

And in 2011, Queen Charlene de Monaco, who married Prince Albert II, monarch of the Principality of Monaco, took the title “Her Royal Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, the Princess of Monaco, the Peaceful, the Tranquil” and is 177 cm tall and good-looking.

Her cool and sophisticated fashion sense always attracts attention. Princess Charlene is a former swimmer from the Republic of South Africa and a former athlete who has competed in the Sydney Olympics. Her healthy yet beautiful, graceful, and compassionate appearance is impressive.

They are always dazzling with their natural and smart appearance without any make-up or fashion flamboyance.

In fact, the story of his attempt to escape from Albert II just before the wedding is so well known because he was concerned about Albert II’s history with women.

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