The checkered British royal family [4/4]Friction with the media

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Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s third child, had an alleged relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein, a millionaire who trafficked minors for sexual exploitation, and had sexual relations with the then 17-year-old in 2001.

In a subsequent interview with the BBC, her demeanor became an issue, and she was forced to refrain from giving personal public speeches. This issue also led to whispers of “retirement” for Queen Elizabeth II.

But, above all, it was probably Prince Henry that bothered the queen the most. Prince Henry and his wife, Meghan, are older than Prince Henry, a divorced actress and charming American woman, who had just completed her second year of married life. The press made a big deal about the arrival of the first black mixed-race woman in the British royal family.

The media fever only grew, and then, with the birth of Archie, his popularity reached its peak. There was friction with the press, including a lawsuit against the British media for invasion of privacy and racial bias.

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